A very warm welcome to you on behalf of the Governors of the Whitby Secondary Partnership

The Whitby Secondary Partnership was formed on 8 July 2019. At that moment the two Governing Bodies of Eskdale School and Caedmon College were brought together to form one single Governing Body responsible for both schools and for Whitby Sixth Form.

The main aim of the Whitby Secondary Partnership is that everyone involved in secondary education should work together to provide the best possible education and opportunities for all students in the Whitby area.

Eskdale School and Caedmon College remain as separate schools, with their own DfE number and separate admissions procedures. The two schools do some things in the same way and some things differently. The Governors are happy to support this as long as both schools are delivering the best for pupils. More important than the differences, however, are the similarities. The leadership and staff of both schools share a vision around providing the best education for all students and the value of working together to achieve that.

These changes to Whitby Secondary education are not something that happen overnight. The two Heads and the Senior Leadership teams are now working together to develop a more joined-up way of working. There is also really positive collaboration between a number of departments in both schools and we intend to develop a guaranteed offer of educational and enrichment opportunities for all secondary students in the Whitby area.

The Governors are also committed to maintaining Post 16 education in Whitby. We believe that students should be able to access an excellent Post 16 offer here, in the town, and the Heads and Senior Leadership of both schools are working together to develop Whitby Sixth Form as a shared facility. The Sixth Form already offers an excellent programme of courses and extra-curricular opportunities and we hope to do more. We believe, not just in achieving the best possible grades, but also in preparing our students for young adulthood. We would like to grow the Sixth Form and we very much hope that local families will support us in this.

The Governors of the Whitby Secondary Partnership believe that it is through collaboration that we can provide the broadest educational offer, the best enrichment opportunities and pastoral care and the best opportunities for staff professional development. We also believe that it is through collaboration, friendship and mutual support that we can model to our students the values and behaviours which will help them to be good citizens of the future.

The Governors are absolutely committed to doing the very best we can for all students.

Please feel free to contact me through the Clerk to Governors, Mrs. Sally Nedley.

Pen Cruz
Chair of Governors